Hi! Bob Garon here, certified Kettlebell coach and Kettlebell gym owner of Synergy Kettlebell Training.

I started Synergy Kettlebell Training in 2009 with the goal of helping people get fit, stay fit, and live longer, healthier lives. In doing so, I have established a unique set of guidelines and proven systems for the training of future Kettlebell Coaches.  

I feel it is important to keep the integrity of the business, the fitness industry, and for our fitness leadership community to keep the level of quality very high.  Therefore instructor candidates will train at their own pace over their 1 week at-home video study course as well as undergo an internship* right in the Synergy Kettlebell live group class environment and complete a written exam to satisfy the full course requirements in order to achieve the stringent level of the certification. NOTE: Expectations are very high because they need to be.

Included in the Instructor course package, each candidate will be required to view several Instructional videos sent via email with a link to a module webpage, then be required to practice the techniques as outlined in the videos & course manual, and finally demonstrate them in person or via video submitted online (Youtube video set to "private"). NOTE: Remote Synergy Kettlebell Certification course cadidates will be required to submit demonstration videos of their own for my evaluation of which I will provide detailed analysis of your technique mistakes & needed corrections.

(NOTE: For those of you who are planning on teaching directly at a Synergy Kettlebell Training gym you will be required to complete a 3-Day Internship to become more proficient in member coaching skills to improve your Kettlebell technique performance, group class teaching skills, and develop your understanding of the details outlined for becoming an enthusiastic motivating Kettlebell fitness coach.  During your internship you will be evaluated by both Bob Garon, as well as his lead coaches, and will receive peer feedback when you are group student-teaching. All remote candidates are welcome to attend the 3-Day Internship as well.)



What to expect during your 3-Day internship with Bob Garon and his staff to get hands-on experience of running group Kettlebell classes:

Day 1 will be spent learning and refining your Kettlebell techniques exclusively with Coach Bob Garon and then shadow a lead coach during live Synergy Kettlebell classes.

Day 2 will be spent shadowing during live group classes to learn everything they do, to the smallest detail, while learning how to effectively lead members.

Day 3 is spent leading live classes yourself under the watchful and critical eye of a certified Kettlebell coach to support you.


OTHER CERTIFICATIONS: Your Synergy Kettlebell Instructor certification can be a stand-alone Kettlebell certification course and will piggy-back any other Kettlebell certification course from where they leave off.

Most other certifications do a fabulous job teaching you the Kettlebell techniques, BUT okay... where do you go from there?

How do to get people to enjoy your classes & their experience in them?

How do you lead classes that people not only want to come to, keep coming back to, but they want to bring their friends to as well?


During your Synergy Kettlebell certification course you will know exactly what to do with all your new knowledge so that you will be a capable and confident Kettlebell Instructor that brings crazy energy and results to all your gym members and training clients ongoing.

EXPECTATIONS: Your course is designed to progress you at your own pace over a 1-3 week period in order to build your confidence. You will receive your course modules in daily email delivery which will then take you to the corresponding lesson of the day. You will learn at your own pace and your program is designed to allow you to review it at any time on the main module web page. You will be instructed to teach each kettlebell technique as efficiently as possible alongside coach cuing for effectively teaching each one.  

In each video we will progress through the training outlined in your course manuals, as well as directly work with you on how to spot common bio-mechanical problems when training others, breathing & spinal/core stabilization, the efficiency of Girevoy Sport (aka GS & Kettlebell Sport) Style lifts and so much more.  At the end of your course you will be required to demonstrate your ability to both perform and teach the lifts either in person or via submitted video. You also complete your course with a final written exam overviewing Kettlebell history and Kettlebell technique teaching.

MODULES: We’ll also cover everything you need to know about operating a Kettlebell group training program, how to structure classes down to the smallest detail, personal training with Kettlebells, and will also include some self-analysis to get you thinking about how you want to apply your training and/or fitness career. We have a high focus on training client safety and motivation and how to achieve this. 

You’ll be taught how to design & teach group classes so, at the end of your sessions you will feel confident that you can not only utilize the Kettlebell Training techniques safely and properly, but you can convey that to your training clients as well. 

SUPPORT: Because I have been through all the Kettlebell certifications, seminars, and workshops, Synergy Kettlebell Training is backed by the knowledge of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation(IKFF) led by Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn, World Kettlebell Club(WKC) led by Valery Fedorenko, and International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy (IKSFA) led by Sergey Rudnev, organizations. We offer ongoing post-certification support as well as continuing educational workshops.

Our program is always evolving as we continue learning from the Top Trainers/Masters of Sport so that we never become stagnant in our methods and techniques. Part of the ongoing post certification support you will be updated with new videos once new information is available. You will receive a certificate at the end of your program that acknowledges your status as a Synergy Kettlebell Coach, which will allow you to teach at Synergy Kettlebell Training as well as the facility of your choice provided that it is not in a 35 mile radius of any Synergy Kettlebell Training location as this falls under our 2 year no compete clause.


Here Is Some Information About Top U.S. Kettlebell Coach & Business Owner Bob Garon

For over 16 years Bob Garon has been professionally training and is certified through the International Sports and Science Association as a Professional Fitness Trainer and several other organizations.

Bob Garon’s Training Specialties
Formerly a U.S. Naval fireman, Bob decided that health and fitness is his passion.  He has been given the privilege of becoming a Certified Kettlebell Coach, mentored under Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn, through the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF), through the World Kettlebell Club (WKC) under Valery Fedorenko, World Champion in Kettlebell Lifting and Honored Master of Sport with over 20 years experience, and also through the International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy (IKSFA) under the most decorated Kettlebell coaches worldwide Sergey Rudnev & Sergey Rachinskiy with well over 20 years experience each.

Bob Garon’s Training Accomplishments
Currently Bob Garon holds Rank 1 in Long Cycle (a Kettlebell Sport event performing the clean & jerk), in the each of the WKC, IKFF, and IKSFA organizations. He regularly participates in and prepares people for Kettlebell Sport events, Tough Mudder events, Spartan Race events, Warrior Dash events, Skyrise Chicago Willis Tower 103 Floor Climb, 5k, 10k, 15k, triathlon, marathon, & ultra endurance cycling (100 mile Century rides) events to successfully complete each one with great results.


Here’s What Folks Are Saying About Bob's Synergy Kettlebell Training Business & Their Personal Experience

I feel so much better after the kettlebell workout and it helps keep me get motivated over the weekend to stick to my diet. Your Skinny Strong kettlebell workouts are challenging and I really like the friendly competition– that seems to really push me to the next level. ;) With your help Bob, I have been able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes in just 90 days. – Tina J.

Kettlebell Training is so paying off for me!! I was at work the other day and the softball guys came in and said wow your arms look great! I walked into work this morning and the guys in the shop said the same thing! Thanks Bob!!!!!! – Teresa B.

I prefer the timed intervals of working, compared to struggling through reps. I like Synergy Kettlebell Training and for me it makes the act of exercising a lot better when I am in the group then when I have to bear through it alone. In the past I have gone to yoga & pilates classes, but I never really liked them. They were boring and I quit in like a week after starting. Overall I think Synergy Kettlebell Sport class is great!!! Thanks Bob for teaching the class and helping me drop 60lbs! – Judi M.

There is NO WAY I would work out as hard as I do with out Bob. He’s tough, committed, supportive, funny, and motivating just to name a few. Most of all, Bob has helped me to think more positively about life in general. He is an amazing trainer! The sky is the limit with Bob as a trainer. He truly is amazing and makes his clients realize they are amazing too! – Shauna M

Hey Bob, your Synergy Kettlebell Training workouts are so awesome and I wouldn’t be who and where I am today without your help. It’s so much fun that it’s not even like we’re working out. Oh and even though they’re hard I love burpees cause of the results. We gotta do more of those. – Bill M.

“Because of the Synergy Kettlebell Training, I have more strength, confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. I also found out that working out isn’t so bad after all. Now I look forward to being active every day. Bob doesn’t just teach me fancy exercises that will impress people, but instead he teaches me that the body is a temple and should be treated with the highest respect.” – Joni M.

Bob- You are a great supporter. I remember my first day of Synergy Kettlebell Training and I couldn’t even do what I’m doing now. I’ve noticed I’m getting a lot more tone and that’s what I have been wanting the most. Thanks for supporting us all and challenging us too. -Erica F.

Bob I can’t thank you enough for what Synergy Kettlebell Training has given me and honestly it’s the best investment I’ve made for myself. I have 4 kids and just couldn’t keep up with life. I ate at Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s, Chipolte, frozen dinners, you name it. One day someone emailed me a couple pictures of myself and I couldn’t believe how I looked. That was the day I decided to find out how to change. Since coming to your Kettlebell Training I’ve lost 67lbs. and finally have energy to play with my kids. Thank you Bob! -Mac M.

I never thought that a personal trainer would do anything but make sure you counted to “10″ or that you extended your arms all the way through the exercise, but Bob does much more. He brings so much more to each Synergy Kettlebell Boot Camp workout. He makes sure I stay motivated, that I concentrate, and that I have fun. I sometimes find myself saying “I can’t make it….today” as I’m half-way through the workout, but I quickly lose that feeling with the confidence and push behind Bob’s words. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Thanks, Bob! -John B.

Bob your workouts are amazing!! As a mother of three I understand I need a lot of patience and dedication to experience fitness and health results. I’m a massage therapist for Infinite Healing Center and what I do definitely compliments my overall health. Synergy Kettlebell Training workouts in Aurora, Illinois have helped me get my confidence back. Thanks for your help! -Meesha S.



I put this next section together to contrast the difference between 3 popularBob Garon WKC Worlds 2011 Kettlebell Federations in the U.S.

Just to be clear, I am not trying to compete directly with these organizations, but rather to echo what they are teaching and offer a course to support beyond where they leave off. My course is 100% exclusive in that it teaches all the fundamental Kettlebell techniques, but my main goal is to teach you how to lead fun, enthusiastic, and energetic group Kettlebell classes because the other certifications focus solely on technique alone.

1) The first certification we will look at is the RKC & StrongFirst courses. These courses were introduced to the US by Pavel Tsoutsaline who offered a 3 day weekend instructor certification for approximately $2000. Most candidates are only able to absorb a small amount of information as it is more of a boot camp physical bashing and a rite of passage more than it is an education. Pavel focuses on "hard style" kettlebell techniques.

2) The 2nd organization is the World Kettlebell Club which is led by Valery Fedorenko. The WKC teaches the Girevoy Sport or “GS Style” which is targeted towards competition style training. This is a weekend certification course that will run you anywhere from $1- $2 grand. To actually perform the lifts well enough to gain productive coachable and performance knowledge in my opinion you will need a pretty good estabilished foundation in Kettlebells prior to attending, but this is certainly not required.

3) The 3rd Federation is the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation created by Steve Cotter (one of Pavel's original top instructors who later parted ways with the RKC to venture on his own) and Ken Blackburn. This is a combination of both styles and covers general fitness and joint mobility as well. Both Steve and Ken are phenomenal teachers who do a great job presenting the IKFF program and continually offer further post certification support as well as ongoing workshops. Just for your own reference this training runs approximately $1,200-1,800 and is a 2 day weekend certification.

So What Does All That Mean To Me?

During your Synergy Kettlebell Instructor course you will be held to a very high standard and taught the correct methods of practicing Kettlebells over a 1-3 week period & 3-Day Live Practical Internship at a Synergy Kettlebell Training gym within that time period.

We will explore how there is simply efficient & effective body movement and inefficient & bad body movement when working with Kettlebells. A person's technique is either good or bad. A person's style is personal with certain technical preferences, but good principles of body movement must be kept.

That being said, learning Kettlebell techniques, and becoming efficient in them, is much like a martial art. The more you practice the more efficient you become. If you only practice once a week it will take you much longer to master the skills than if you practiced a few times a week. Each time you practice you will become more aware of how your body moves and should move to be more effective in the Kettlebell exercises. For as many years as I have been practicing Kettlebells, and coached students of Kettlebell, personally I still learn little things along the way to become more efficient.

We should always be improving and progressing and it takes a well experienced coach to have the keen eye to see the mistakes of his students in order to give them advice on how to become better. Once the most efficient and detail oriented Kettlebell technique methods are learned they can then be taught and passed along to others through practical teaching methods. This is exactly what we will be overviewing during this course.


A Little Background On Kettlebell Training Methods...

Turkish Get Up CandyKettlebell exercises transfer over perfectly to any endurance sport- which is almost all of them, but mostly for running, cycling, swimming, and rowing. Most all athletes, in their sports must not only be explosive, but also endure through their entire event. A boxer or martial artist must deliver the exact same punch every time over and over and over- not just for 5 or 10x and then be done. The marathon runner, cyclist, swimmer, rower, triathlete must endure their entire event or they wouldn't last. Kettlebell fitness training, and Kettlebell Sport is the same exact way.

Now for maximal reward the body needs to go through movements. I encourage my students to stop thinking about lifting weights, but rather on moving weights whether that be body weight, iron, steel, odd objects, etc.

There are 8 basic primal movement patters (co. Paul Chek) that every body should move through. If one cannot then certain progressions need to be implemented so that it will. If one can already move as prescribed then more advanced protocols can be administered. All in all movement primarily centers around these 8 patterns. The Kettlebell allows the body to move in many of these while performing the 3 traditional lifts. That is Kettlebell Sport based and Kettlebell Sport focuses on a much more fluid motion. This is how we move in life. If we need to move explosively we can. Kettlebell Sport practitioners must be as explosive on the very first movement (lift) as they are in the very last throughout a 10 minute set. If they decrease their intensity the movement fails. This is the same in life. If we fail to move at something we don't succeed at moving anything.

The same holds true for Kettlebell Sport. They have been testing it in competitionKettlebells Old School for many years and what baseball is to us here in the United States, Girevoy Sport is to them in Russia. Kettlebell lifting has been around since the 15th century and in Russian dictionaries by 1704. Kettlebell competitions have been around since 1948. The first sanctioned Kettlebell competition was in 1985. Gireviks aka Kettlebell lifters are some of the strongest people in the fitness community and the world. If you don't know who they are go to Youtube and look up: Valery Fedorenko, Sergey Rudnev (considered the Michael Jordan of Kettlebells), Ivan Denisov (also an incredible lifter and current best in the world), Alexander Khostov, Sergey Merkulin, Sergey Rachinskiy, Denis Vasilev, and Valentin Egorov to name a few. 


Evaluate For Yourself What Is Best

So when uncovering that information you must really ask yourself what is best for you. Do you want to train for the ability to have the most strength endurance, master all levels of kettlebell lifting techniques, have the greatest cross-over into most any sport, and teach these methods to groups of people so they too can improve their lives with Kettlebell Results?



Your Synergy Kettlebell Coach Certification Includes:


1) Everything from A-Z on Kettlebell technique via Self-Progress At Home Video Study

Index of Kettlebell Movements
  1. Grip
  2. Swing Variations: 2-Arm, 1-Arm, Hand 2 Hand, Outside, and more
  3. One Arm Kettlebell Push Press
  4. Double Kettlebell Push Press
  5. One Arm Kettlebell Jerk
  6. Double Kettlebell Jerk
  7. Kettlebell Snatch
  8. Double Kettlebell Outside Swings
  9. Double Kettlebell Cleans
  10. Double Kettlebell Outside Cleans
  11. Bottoms Up Cleans & Presses
  12. Kettlebell Bent Press
  13. One-arm Kettlebell Bent-over Row
  14. Double Kettlebell Bent-over Row
  15. Alternating Kettlebell Bent-over Row Variations
  16. Renegade Kettlebell Row
  17. Alternating Renegade Row
  18. Figure 8 To A Hold
  19. Overhead Kettlebell Full & Jerk Specific Squats
  20. Kettlebell Jump Squats
  21. Kettlebell Windmill (Low, High, Double)
  22. Kettlebell Turkish Get-up (Lunge & Squat styles with modifications)
  23. Double Kettlebell Turkish Get-up
  24. Getup Situps
  25. Miscellaneous Kettlebell Core Domination Movements, and more

2) Coaching and motivating others

3) Ability to learn, recognize, and correct Kettlebell techniques in students

4) How to run/structure your own Kettlebell group training classes

5) Client goal assessment documents & orientation methods

6) The #1 Secret To A Successful Kettlebell Class

7) Over 20+ detailed videos overviewing basic and advanced Kettlebell fitness & sport techniques with verbal cue to properly teach clients of all levels. Additional videos will be added ongoing for continued support and education.

8) Synergy Kettlebell Training program design for both fitness and sport with Synergy Dynamics warmup and cooldown sequences)

9) Over 100 Done-For-You Kettlebell group training workouts


BONUS Synergy Business Systems Package Addon:


1) Synergy Prospect Call Script

2) Synergy Lead Generation Formula

3) Synergy Sales Formula 101

4) Synergy Prospect Conversion Formula (systems for proven prospect conversion)

5) How to run/structure your own Kettlebell group training business

6) Waiver & financial agreement document templates

7) Website builder tools with several dozens of useful images for sales pages and blogs

8) ACE Kettlebell Study documents & several other client incentives

9) Business Productivity Analysis and Ultimate Self Assessment

10) 5 Done For You Craigslist Ads with images to use for your own custom ads and other Kettlebell class marketing tools

11) Done For You email and sms blast templates for prospect inquires, inactive clients, client reactivations, Bring A Friend Month, client surveys, and more.

12) Eight 30-Day Nutritional Challenges all Done For You

NOTE: This is a separate premium package and can be purchased here: Synergy Kettlebell Training, Inc. Licensing Program


“Don't give people information and workouts. Create the experience of the information and workouts.” –Bob Garon

PERSPECTIVE: I recorded and published all videos in the raw form without any editting. The purpose of this is to show you that as a Kettlebell trainer, instructor, coach, teacher we're not perfect and sometimes can make mistakes; however we must keep on going, bounce back, know how to adlib, and transition without skipping a beat in real time and real life class situations. So that being said, see how I also do the same when I stumble and how you can as well in real live Kettlebell classes.

SYNERGY COURSE ENTITLEMENT: The course cost will include all bonuses and a special bonus Synergy Business Systems add on package opportunity.

GETTING STARTED: The video below gives you an overview of your course and is the first of several videos in a great lineup to develop you into a capable and confident certified Synergy Kettlebell Coach. Each day during your course you will receive a new email with a special link that will take you to a webpage with a new video covering new information for you to learn.

I'm excited to be part of your journey!! Thank you so much and welcome aboard to more Kettlebell Results! 

Synergy Kettlebell Training owner

(IKFF, WKC, & IKSFA Certified Kettlebell Coach)




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